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I am charged with a crime.  Do I really need a lawyer?

Lawyers are expensive.   There is no doubt about it.   This is why many people, when charged with a relatively minor offense, such as operating under the influence or disorderly conduct, come to the misguided conclusion that, "I don't need a lawyer.  This isn't that serious.  It's not worth the money I would spend on a lawyer."


This is a serious mistake.   Even if you are charged with a misdemeanor, there is the chance you could be sentenced to jail.  Moreover, a criminal conviction can cost you serious money in fines, lost wages, Huber fees, probation supervision fees, and the like.


A lawyer may be able to identify a defense that you, as a layperson, would not recognize.   For example, everyone knows that a police officer must have probable cause to arrest without a warrant.   Did you know, though, that a criminal complaint must also allege sufficient facts to constitute probable cause?   Do you know what are the elements of disorderly conduct, or battery?    An experienced criminal defense lawyer will carefully examine the criminal complaint and, if it fails to state probable cause, move to dismiss.


Even if you intend to plead guilty, an attorney is an invaluable asset to you in making sure that you receive a reasonable and a fair sentence.  Many times, on misdemeanors, in exchange for an immediate guilty plea, the prosecutor will recommend that the defendant be placed on probation with no time in jail.  To an unrepresented layperson, this may sound like a good deal.  An experienced criminal defense lawyer, though, knows that a term of probation is hardly a slap on the wrist-- and this is especially true if the offense is sexual in any way.  When you are placed on probation, you will also be ordered to abide by certain conditions.   Many times these conditions include absolute sobriety.   If the case is related to domestic violence, the conditions will no include "no violent contact" with the victim.   Worst of all, if the offense is in any way sexual in nature, you could be ordered, as a condition of probation, to attend sexual therapy.  If, while in therapy, you deny that you have a problem, you will be terminated. 


A violation of any of these terms of probation will result in a "probation hold" being placed on you.  You will be arrested, without notice, and may be held in jail without bail for up to fifty-five days without a hearing.


Therefore, do not be penny-wise and pound-foolish.  If you are facing criminal charges, contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

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